1998 PWRFC Hall of Fame Ceremony

Seven were named to the original class of the Philadelphia Whitemarsh Hall of Fame in 1998 . The inductees were Rob Farley, Al Little, Butch Horvath, Michael Siano, Clarence Culpepper, Woody Stone and James Keller. In addition to their contributions to the club, all of the original seven played for the USA Rugby Eagles.

The induction ceremony started with Woody Stone introduced by Smedley Sharp. Smed remarked on his great rugby skills and his incredible ability to stay clean throughout the game. His only failing Smed said was tardiness. One Saturday when the game had started, Woody had arrived but he had not taken the field. Someone asked where’s Woody, Tommy Coyne responded "Oh, he’s ironing his shirt."

Al Little was introduced by Mike Novack. Mike reminisced about playing with Al in various Catholic school sports where Al was instantly recognized as the biggest and hairiest. Playing outside Al at flyhalf he remembered Al’s terrible passes and little grubber kicks to him when he couldn’t pass the ball.

Clarence Culpepper introduced by Lee Webb who remembered his incredible commitment, his coaching in particular his work with Conestoga High School.

Butch Horwath was introduced Ed Hargedon who remembered Butch as a skinny slow flanker who worked with incredible dedication to gain about 50 lbs and become the great Prop he was.

Mike Siano introduced by John & Steve Siano who talked about The Whitemarsh families including the 4 Siano’s, a blow by blow of a memorable try. Mike’s numerous MVP awards particularly in 7s. The great Philly Whitemarsh season of 1989 when we made the final four. The 4 brothers never all played in the same game together maybe an Old Boys game one day?

Rob Farley was introduced by Andy Rosato. Andy remembered giving him a job in his construction company where he paid him pennies and that he ate nothing but spaghetti. He remembered his commitment to rugby and putting his career on hold.

James Keller introduced by Emil Signes who coached him at many levels and remembered his commitment and dedication.

1998 Inductees

rob farley
al little
butch horwath
mike siano
clarence culpepper
Clarence Culpepper
Woody Stone
Woody Stone
james keller
James Keller