A little bit about the month-long charity event of Movember

GJ Sucher

Please join RazorTech employees and GJ Sucher with their finely grown moustaches on Thursday, November 29th for Happy Hour at 8 East Restaurant & Bar to help support the cause. Open Bar, Spectacular Auction Items, Live Music, Lots of Fun, Games and Prizes! Bring your best MO for a chance to win "Man of November" and gentleman, happy growing! Movember details and directions to 8 East Restaurant and Bar.

After George J. Sucher (GJ) and his Razor Tech Movember Team completed their Movember program, we thought we'd have a look at the causes behind the month-long charity event. As many people know, the name 'Movember' is taken from the combination of 'moustache' and 'November'. It takes place during the whole month, with men growing moustaches in order to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The Movember Foundation began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, when 30 men grew their moustaches for 30 days. Now, this organisation has spread throughout the world, with men in many different countries sporting expanding moustaches as they go to work or socialise. The aim of all this is to raise money for prostate cancer research, as well as raising awareness and encouraging men to get themselves checked regularly.

Men can take part in this charity event either individually, or by getting a team together and raising money this way. Each man taking part in Movember must start the month by registering with a clean-shaven face, before letting their 'tache grow and even grooming it. They must grow only a moustache, beards and goatees are not accepted as part of a Movember moustache.

Over the years Movember has spread wider and wider throughout the world, and it is not only men that can take part. Of course, this does not mean that women grow moustaches too, it means that the Mo Sistas can also register and support the men in their lives by seeking sponsorship and raising funds for the cause. Once the month is over, the participants celebrate by throwing or attending Movember parties and rejoice in the knowledge that they have raised money and awareness by prompting valuable discussion about prostate cancer.