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PW vs Media Nov. 7. 2015

Photos by Stephen Karas. Get complete game info » 

PW vs Doylestown 10/31/15

Photos by Stephen Karas. Go to game write-up »

PWRFC vs Severn River 4-18-15

PW vs Severn River 1
PW vs Severn River 2
PW vs Severn River 3
PW vs Severn River 4
PW vs Severn River 5
PW vs Severn River 6
PW vs Severn River 7
PW vs Severn River 8
PW vs Severn River 9

Philly Whitemarsh was victorious over Severn River in round one of the spring 2015 MAC playoffs. The final was 62-21. Photos by Stephen Karas. Read More »

Dunbar and McCarthy at 2015 Carolina Ruggerfest

Dunbar and McCarthy

PWRFC alums Brian Dunbar and Dave McCarthy ran into each other at the 2015 Carolina Ruggerfest in Charlotte (March 7-8), where Dunbar's high school boys squad from Unionville Rugby captured the championship in the Elite division. 

Tim Dunning and PWRFC, 1996-97

Tim Dunning
PWRFC vs Maryland Exiles, 1996 or 97
PWRFC 1996 or 97
PWRFC vs Exiles 1996-97
PWRFC Huddle Spring 97
Tim Spring 1997
PWRFC Spring 1997

Former PWRFC player Tim Dunning passed away January 2015. Thanks to Lex McCurry for sending these photos taken by PWRFC Prop Forward Paul Sundquist featuring Tim and the boys from the 1996-97 period. The yellow team looks to be Maryland Exiles; green team looks to be South Jersey.  

PWRFC at Apple Pie Sevens

Apple Pie Sevens 1
Apple Pie Sevens 2
Apple Pie Sevens 3
Apple Pie Sevens 4
Apple Pie Sevens 5
Apple Pie Sevens 6
Apple Pie Sevens 7
The Mutts at Apple Pie 7s

PWRFC fielded two teams at the 2014 Apple Pie Sevens in Phiuladelphia. 

Family Day 2014

Family Day 2014

It was a great day on Saturday, Nov. 8 2014 as PWRFC celebrated Family Day and a win over Media.   

PWRFC at Doylestown 10/25/14

PWRFC vs Doylestown 1
PWRFC vs Doylestown 2
PWRFC vs Doylestown 3
PWRFC vs Doylestown 4
PWRFC vs Doylestown 5
PWRFC vs Doylestown 6
PWRFC vs Doylestown 7
PWRFC vs Doylestown 8
PWRFC vs Doylestown 9
PWRFC vs Doylestown 10
PWRFC vs Doylestown 11
PWRFC vs Doylestown 12
PWRFC vs Doylestown 13
PWRFC vs Doylestown 14

Photos by Stephen Karas